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"Monumental Figure III" by #BenCab #Baguio (at BenCab Museum)

Wonderful home-cooked meal at the Ismeers. :-) #SriLanka (at Kandy, Sri Lanka)

Weekend read. Thanks, @twistedfork 😊

Today’s splurge at Fully Booked. 20% off. #elBulli #FerranAdria (at Fully Booked)

Manila on a Wednesday morning. #nofilter

Sunday morning Trixie.

Loving the new Coca Cola mismo bottle. It’s just the right size for me at 300ml. :-)

Never too early. (at Fairmont Makati)

Surreal in Manila.

Reposting from my old blog. 

THURSDAY, MAY 01, 2008

After moving to Singapore, travelling has been reduced to a minimum (no more MNL-SIN-JKT lagare). Most of the meetings now happen here, which suits me fine (I’m terribly enjoying cocooning at home with the hubby, Xbox360, PS3 and Wii in tow).

When I was told that we had to be in Manila for a few days, I was both excited and slightly thrown off at the thought of taking a work-related trip in reverse. It meant seeing family, friends, ex-colleagues, and perhaps sneaking in a much-needed visit to the salon vs. exploring a new city with pasalubong in tow.

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Key lime muffins fresh from the oven. They smell amazing. :-) #bakingvirgin (@Casa Borromeo)

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